Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes, I made it here safely Mom.

I am here finally!  I somehow lucked out and didn't have that awful middle seat to Toronto, so I am very pleased to report that.  Also, I felt completely disappointed at Israeli security.  I was never questioned once the whole way through.  As I have told many people about my last trip, Israeli security seemed very fascinated by what I had to say.  This time, nothing.  Not in Toronto, not in passport control, nothing.

The only thing that Israelis are still obsessed with about me is my luggage.  X-ray it to the hilt.  I just got off the plane, isn't it kind of pointless to X-ray after the fact?

I had my first adventure here, dealing the the Nesher shuttle.  If you have taken it, you know what I mean.  I was able to meet one of Sara's classmates, Lindsay.  We were both headed the same way, so we had a chance to chat.  I think Sara is going to have yet another awesome friend to learn with this year.  Just as it was last time I was here, no one seems to understand just drop me off on Agripas near the Shuk.  It always seemed easy enough for me.  Of course, Nesher switched drivers on us and of course apparently Lindsay and I are a couple.  Ok...  Somehow it is my responsibility to load everyone's luggage too.  I am quite confused here.  Am I the being paid?  I don't think so.  So that didn't last long.  I met this nice American who made Aliyah who was quite helpful with the driver being a complete moron.  She finally made him understand where I wanted to go.  It wasn't terribly difficult.

At least the ride was interesting.  There was a Palestinian couple on our ride who needed to be dropped off at the checkpoint for Ramallah.  It took me a while to realize just how deep into the West Bank we went to drop them off.  Looking at it on Google Maps after the fact, it was rather surprising.  I got a very interesting first hand view of the separation wall.  I must admit to being thankful I am on the side of that wall I am.

Not that this the end of my Nesher adventure mind you.  The driver still wasn't happy about dropping me off on Agripas.  Give me my money as I got out.  Here you go, good riddance!  I was rather happy to be done with that experience.  I have decided I am taking the bus to the airport and not Nesher.  Yes, customer service does make a difference in your business.  You lose repeat business and get negative word of mouth.  Just a thought.

Now for fun with friends and a nap, later!

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